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What can I do to help my child prepare for school?

This is a question I am asked often, particularly at this time of year. Parents and caregivers want the best for their children. They want the transition to school to be a smooth one. They want their child to feel confident in the new school learning environment. They want their interactions with teachers to be positive.

School readiness is not just about 'reading, writing and arithmetic'. In fact, most teachers won't expect children to come to school with many (if any) of these skills. Being ready for school is about personal and social skills, basic literacy and numeracy awareness and a good attitude. If you have landed here on this page because you are looking for advice to help your child get ready for school, then that's already a great start. Having an engaged and involved adult to share the journey is going to be hugely beneficial for your child!

I have put together some presentations in which I share five tips in four different domains of readiness. I'll add the videos below. These are, by no means, an exhaustive list of skills you can be working on with your child, but hopefully they are a great start.





I hope that the information and advice in these videos is helpful.

If you have further questions about your child's school readiness, or if I can help you with something else, please feel free to contact me through this page or find me on Facebook or Instagram and send a message there.

Happy viewing!


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